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Trending Format that left Instagrammers undisputed & even disputed – #ThisCalimIsDisputed

In this busy Instagram world, where people keep liking, sharing, and commenting which makes it one of the most engageable social media platforms in this world.

#TrendingFormat is the buzz keyword in this country these days- these are quirky, creative, sensible, humourous & most of the time On Point posts by the brands. Our study says that these make your marketing efforts count.

Recently Twitter flagged USA’s former president Donald Trump’s tweet as ‘ Multiple sources called this election differently ‘, which stood for a creating of memes all around the world with this – ‘! This Claim is undisputed ‘

Soon 2 hashtags started trending

Let's check out how this meme-fest took over social media :

Instagram Post by @Dunzoit

Dunzo with its quirky take on the pronunciation of its brand name.

Instagram Post by @PaytmTravel

HDFC promoting its credit cards in a creative way.

Paytm Travel talking about mandatory check-in on Facebook while traveling.

Instagram Post by @ArtOfLiving

Art Of Living mentioning the importance of meditation in contradictory humorous ways.

Even Web Brews got quirky with this trend, check out here.

We just wanted to have fun with the people who get suggestions from random people about marketing as well as digital marketing. What are your opinions about this trend?

Let us know which brand did an amazing job according to you?

You can Contact Us now to get a fresh and trending look for your brand's social media.


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