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Is It Worth A Hiring Social Media Agency?

We have heard people saying from "Social can be easily managed by me, I just need help with other services" to people watching cluelessly at competitor's Instagram comments & asking us to just get that kind of results months after trying on their own. If you ask me frankly, with these growing Instagram features Social media marketing is not a single person job nor a single team but it requires various teams of different expertise along with the core team of your brand.

If you really think you will be just burning the money from your pockets with social media marketing, then let me tell you some stats -

We've outlined why hiring a social media management agency could be one of the best investments you can make for your brand.

You can certainly do it yourself, but if you don't know what you're doing, it will take a lot of time, effort, and money. This is why most people's social networks do not work, and they eventually fizzle out as a result.

Instead, let an experienced team handle your project. It’s less stressful, saves you money and gets you more returns than you could’ve hoped to get on your own.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hiring a Social Media Agency?

Setting goals, an exact idea of presentation, timely execution, consistency, testing, a lot of creativity & much more is required for successfully marketing your business.

Using every team member's experience and resources, we together can navigate your brand through the stormy seas of social media and sailing your brand towards reaching more target customers and getting a greater return on your investment.

Lets us tell you seven benefits of hiring a social media agency -

1. Experts - Living in & for social media

It takes a lot of time and testing to understand social media channels, why a particular channel can be beneficial to one brand but for another one, it can be completely omitted. Along with that channels for eg., Instagram, keep launching its feature every week. What works one day may not work the next.

At Web Brews, we have been studying these channels for more than 6 years, technically living in social media & living for social media.

Hiring an agency takes this burden off your shoulders. They use their expertise to successfully manage your social media accounts, allowing you to focus on the other areas required to grow your business.

2. You’re hiring a team of professionals

By hiring an agency, you aren't just hiring one person but a team of trained & creative professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, each an expert in their own field.

At Web Brews, we make sure we hire the best team suitable for your business needs. Their expertise ranges from developing the best strategies to developing the most eye-catching creatives. Together, we produce social media campaigns that produce fantastic ROI for our clients.

Here’s a glimpse of the roles inside an agency:

  • Social account manager

  • Social media strategist

  • Content writer

  • Videographer

  • Graphic designer

  • Influencer manager

  • Analyst

3. You save a lot of time

As an entrepreneur, we understand that you have hundreds of tasks on your to-do list already. If you choose to handle it yourself, you will need to invest a great deal of time in crafting an effective social media strategy and managing your social media accounts accordingly.

You can quickly rack up the hours of fine-tuning your social media content and fiddling with your strategies can quickly consume a lot of your time. As an alternative, you can handover an experienced team for managing your social media presence to keep your target audience interested without taking up half of your time.

4. Resources that are Dedicated

An agency that specializes in social media will be able to produce your campaigns under one roof.

It isn’t just the physical resources either that you’re gaining. You’re getting the specific insight that an agency has gained from experience working with multiple accounts and the research they’ve gathered.

5. Growth Vs Prize

Getting 50,000 followers in a month may seem easy to many people. They'll tell you to buy followers or run giveaways, but it is absolutely incorrect. Most of those followers won’t be relevant to your brand and are unlikely to interact with or buy from you, rather chances are they might unfollow you in near future. Not to mention, your account could be flagged and removed from the platform.

Social Media Agency focuses on the growth of the brand, resulting in true followers, great ROI, & more than that a long term impact on your brand.

6. Branding & Brand Awareness

Its 2022 & Social media is not just a marketing channel but also a platform to create a brand tone and show the brand's true values, leading to Brand Awareness Social media agencies make sure branding is part of their social media strategy. We make sure we research & understand the brand values & brand tone of the core team & reflect those values in the brand's social media strategy.

7. They achieve your goals on social media

Many brands think social media is trending & that is the reason for their presence. But trust us Social media is not just a trend but it is here to stay & it has overcome many benefits over traditional marketing, one of them is definitely pricing, I don't think small businesses could have thought of putting up a banner near a popular street, but now even a small business can think of Facebook & Google Ads to target their audience.

Social media agencies aim to understand your business goals & create a social media strategy to meet those goals.

Why You Should Hire Web Brews as your Social Media Agency?

We are a goal-oriented & result-driven digital marketing agency, we excel at building strategies based on our research, our research includes understanding your brand from A-Z, we make sure we understand your short-term & long-term goals, your brand values, your team & then we present ideas for the growth of your brand.

We make sure we hire the best team amalgamated with creativity, the latest skills & technology savvy to fulfil your brand goals & lastly we make sure we make your goal as our goals.

To find out how we can help your brand grow through social media, book your free strategy call here.


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