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Ideas to Inspire Your Next Marketing Campaign

“Let's get one thing out of the way, giveaways do not always work!”

73 percent of consumers claim that they have been influenced by a brand’s social media presence when making a purchasing decision.

It’s no wonder worldwide investments in social media advertising are expected to soar to $48 billion by 2021.

Currently, we're living in an era that seeks an organized campaign, where your target audience becomes your follower, followers become permanent readers, and readers become customers.

That's the power of one perfect campaign, of course, perfect as in perfect for the target audience of your brand.

When you design in this way, you are winning.

Let us suggest a few things if you're not sure.

Some of the social media platforms where you can plan your strategy are-

LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and many more, I recently added Clubhouse to my priority list.

Let's look at some of the most common ones:

Strategies for your campaign

1. User-Generated Content

UGC holds a Trust-Worthy place in the branding & marketing world, where your customers become your brand ambassadors, UGC depicts real people with real feelings with actual experience.

90% of brands will benefit from this strategy.

  • 84% of Millennials report that user-generated content on company websites & social media channels has at least some influence on what they buy and where they buy from.

  • 43% of people are more likely to purchase a new product when they have learned about it through social channels or from friends and family

In 2024, social commerce is expected to generate $84 billion in sales, and this trend appears to be continuing. Instagram has an influential power beyond all doubt, with over 80% of its users researching products and services on the platform.

Go Pro is one of the brands that post only good quality user-generated content on its social media channels.

And yet their feed depicts what the brand wants to convey.

Adobe connects with its community of users by using the hashtag #Adobe_Perspective, this is another way for creating UGC through Hashtags.

2. Building a community

Build a community that pours their heart out for what your brand stands for while pouring their heart out for your thoughts, sounds trustworthy, right. Podcasts and Clubhouse can help you build your community and use its generated content for other platforms. It is ideal to hold podcasts, interviews, or Q&A sessions with industry leaders on Clubhouse, Twitter, Instagram.

It is highly important to build a community as human communication is proven to increase brand loyalty by 57%, which is particularly relevant to companies selling to the same demographic.

Using this strategy, brands can introduce a new wave of products.

Those are the kind of actions we are taking for an organic & vegan personal care brand in Australia, named Econrich. The idea is to shout out to vegan bloggers who are making this world a better place to live. Vegan community engagement increased as a result.

3. Influencer campaign

In recent years, you've probably heard the term "influencer" tossed around a lot. In other words, it makes me think of YouTube stars hawking beauty products and Instagram stars raving about Zara & H&M clothing with 30 tp 60 sec Reels. This is called influencer marketing, and it can be a very successful strategy if you execute your campaign correctly.

Globally, the influencer market is expected to grow to $24.1 billion by 2025 from $6 billion in 2020.

Quirky is Zomato's branding style & they once again proved it with a cake sent to wrestler 'Khali" which has an amazing engagement rate. this led Zomato to be the talk of the town with the icing which read "Sir, phoonk maar ke pura duniya ka birthday mana do" (Sir, just blow out the candle and celebrate the whole world's birthday).

We would also like to know your favourite influencer, drop us your comments.

4. Focusing On USP

In an era when many brands are targeting the same audience and working in the same way, your USP can be what pulls your customers to your side, so planning campaigns that emphasize your USP can assist in building trust with your target audiences.

Kynd Community is a vegan brand from Bali, Indonesia tell us its Pizzas are 'Plant-Based' in a crisp way with their branding & photography skills.

5. Prioritizing your services

There are many services a brand can offer, focusing on one service at a time can help a particular type of audience stay engaged with you. You definitely have to prioritize the service which gives you maximum ROI.

6. Collaborations

A collaboration with like-minded brands can give you both access to another's the audience.

Recently, Instagram rolled out the "collab" feature where a post can be co-published on another account. The post will appear on both accounts if the other account accepts the request, and the other account can stop staring the post any time.

Social Samosa & Social Ketchup gave their audience a collaborative knowledgeable post.

7. Entertaining

The most effective campaigns are ones that pass emotions and are entertaining, so plan a campaign that people will relate to and share.

Don't just motivate them, but inspire them and make them happy.

Cult's " Fitness Is Not An Option" inspired by Bollywood was extremely entertaining leading to more shares & likes, making it talk of the town.

8. Engagement

Statistics show that companies with better customer engagement retained 89% of their customers compared to those that did not.

One of the best campaigns one can have to gain more campaign ideas from the target audience is engaged. Asking people what they would like to us from the brand is one of the best strategies.

We have one message for all the brands here:

“It's all about being original, showing off your style, and telling a story."

To conclude, I believe that every brand works differently and the type of campaigns that will work for a brand depends on many factors. As social media, has become a core part of the campaign, 80% of marketers say they rely on social media to raise brand awareness. Our team at Web Brews works closely with Brands to see how we can enhance the brand's social media strategy and make it more effective.

We believe that the key to success is ‘Research’!


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