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A Place Where Magic Happens - Call to Action

Feeling frustrated by abandoned carts and low click-through rates on ads you spend more than 1000 dollars on.

Adding a compelling Call To Action to your captions, blogs, ads or landing pages can entice your target audience to become your customers.

Well, actually, call to action marketing is harder than it sounds, it requires a lot of studies, A/B testing with the campaigns, but starting to experiment with your CTA is how you can kickstart the journey towards perfect CTAs for your business.

Let's start with understanding What is Call-To-Action (CTA)

A call-to-action is where the magic happens, your customers act on what you are asking them to do, and that's a goal or in marketing terms, it is known as conversion.

Technically, Call to action (CTA) is a digital marketing tool that includes text, a button, or any other piece of content that prompts a particular response from an audience. As a digital marketing tool, it is especially powerful at converting users, readers, and general audiences into solid leads. This is a critical step in the buyer's journey and can be used to motivate a wide range of actions, depending on what the immediate objective is.

There are many types of calls to action, but opt-in forms, clickable buttons, or social media posts are among the most common.

The most common CTA are

  • Download

  • Submit

  • Subscribe

  • Sign up

  • Buy

5 Ways to Use a Call to Action

A CTA is meant to:

1. Build customer base: Building a list of people who are interested in your product & services can help you notify them during your next product launch or any other campaign.

2. You can scale your business by leveraging CTAs: It is a digital marketing strategy that begins by creating awareness and interest in your company, eventually leading to sales. The conversion rate of an effective CTA is the percentage of unique visitors that take action.

3. Lead Generation: Brands can use CTAs to identify their target audience and generate leads - this helps to build a database of people who can be the brand's potential customers.

4. Retargeting: Retargetting can be the game-changer in the process of the journey from a potential buyer to a loyal customer, collecting a database of potential customers & considering their emails for the next campaigns, that's retargeting.

5. Direct path to the product: A perfect CTA can lead your potential customers to your virtual stores.

5 Effective Call to Action Ideas

A call to action can be used in many different ways, in a blog post, on the homepage, on social media, or in an email. So the text and tone may vary, depending on the end goal. No matter where you choose to include your compelling CTA, there are a few general guidelines to follow.

1. Use action phrases: Make it very clear about the action that you would like the reader to perform. While being cute and catchy may be tempting, it won’t result in any conversion because the reader won’t know what to do. If you’re not sure how to include action phrases, check to see if there are any action verbs in your CTA.

2. Use first-person: The easiest way to encourage a user to do something is to make it more personable like you’re speaking to a friend. The easiest way to do this is with the first person tense.

3. Create a sense of urgency: Without a sense of urgency, it is easy for your audience to put off the action altogether. That doesn’t mean that you need to instil panic, though. Instead, bring attention to the time-sensitive nature of what you’re offering, it could be a referral incentive like a major discount on a product or valuable content that can help potential customers right now, create a friendly sense of urgency to prompt them to act.

4. Eliminate roadblocks or friction: Make the action as easy as possible to perform. Any roadblocks to completing that action should be eliminated right away. So, for example, if you want to prompt the user to share your content on their social media channels to increase social proof on your brand or product, be sure to include a clear social share button right alongside your CTA.

5. Make them stand out and easy to find: Whether you use a colourful clickable button or a well-designed form, make sure that your call-to-action is easy to find. It should be the first thing your eye is drawn toward when you load the page with clear text that encourages a specific action.

If you follow these basic but effective guidelines, then you will increase the conversion rate of your call to action. Now let’s take a look at some powerful call to action examples!

But one can be as creative with their CTA, The best call-to-actions are one which tempts your audience make their heart sparkle.

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