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Clubhouse – The new buzz in the world

What is Clubhouse ?

Interactive audio based social media platform, it let’s people chat in real time, share stories, collaborate & bound ideas with each other.

How to join ?

Currently it is still in private beta version phase & only available for iPhone users. It has maintained its exclusive nature with ‘only invite- based’ app.


Paul Davison & Rohan Seth, launched the app in 2020 Reasons that Clubhouse may be the major social media platform

Why Clubhouse may be the major social media platform

  1. It focuses on high-value conversations.

  2. Chat Rooms are filled with real-time chats on a plethora of topics

  3. The app offers the ability to connect & engage with professionals out there in one’s niche

  4. According to New York Times, the app has 600,000 registered users and are actively seeking out prominent influencers.

News about Clubhouse 

  1. Silicon Valley is going crazy for Clubhouse, a social media app with 1,500 users that’s already worth $100 million

  2. Clubhouse is the buzzy new social app of 2020, freshly valued at $100 million after a reported $12 million in funding from Andreessen Horowitz.

  3. Clubhouse is keeping a tight lid on invites, with only a dozen or so new people joining a day. The average number of daily users is currently about 270, or roughly 18% of the total number of signups, according to a person close to the company.

  4. Much of the engagement on Clubhouse today comes when a celebrity joins a room and followers get notified.

  5. Among the hundreds of listeners in the room during the contentious discussion on Monday were Clubhouse backers Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz, according to the list of attendees in the app.

  6. Oprah is perhaps the most famous person to have been seen on Clubhouse. Movie stars like Kevin Hart, Chris Rock, and Jared Leto have also been spotted on it, CNBC reported. 

  7. Activist DeRay McKesson and the writer Shaka Senghor spent time on the app sharing their thoughts on police and criminal justice reform, while political commentator Van Jones has also spent time on Clubhouse.   

Use case of Clubhouse 

  1. Clubhouse is community building for coaches & trainers:

Clubhouse brings many new ways to engage & connect with people in your niche, Clubhouse people are loyal to each other which makes them follow each other.

  1. A place for virtual events 

Virtual events, meeting & summits were trending of year 2020, which will also be trending in year 2021 and might be even longer as people have become comfortably attending meeting with tee and shorts instead of suiting up. As Clubhouse offers an exclusive community in the form of room, which can accompany virtual events.

  1. Content Curation

Clubhouse will have plethora of amazing high-quality audio content from the experience people from all the sectors,  it will also be hub for content curation , but currently, due to their strict privacy policies the content no longer exists for later use, but one can create a separate room, which mentions the purpose in the room’s public title & description, can be used for interviewing & gaining advice on various subjects.

  1. Collaborations & Networking

Clubhouse is a great place to start private collaborations benefitting one’s business. A dream of networking with experience personalities in respective field and interviewing them personally can come true with Clubhouse.

  1. Platform for podcasts

Once it is public, creating podcast communities with help to keep up the engagement rate.

Let’s Conclude

There has been a lot of talk on Clubhouse about what will happen once the app leaves private beta and becomes public. The questions arise – Will marketers flood the app? Will eCommerce brands come in and only try to make sales? Will the value and networking possibilities diminish as more people get onto the app? Will the loss of exclusivity make the app lose its splendor?

Most of the questions won’t have an answer until Clubhouse App is public. However, with the loss of exclusivity comes the ability to build communities that are easy to manage and engage with without adding to an already crowded editorial calendar. So it will definitely be exciting to see what happens with the app in the future. And in the meantime, if you’re on Clubhouse, use the exclusivity to your advantage and start making those connections now.

Share your views

What do you think? What are some ways you plan on using Clubhouse to further your business? Share your thoughts in the comments below, also share your experience if you are on Clubhouse If you’re not yet on Clubhouse you can sign up for the waitlist here. “We are so excited to welcome you to it and to hear what you think,” read a note from the founders.     

Source : New York Times, Bloomberg Quint, Social Media Examiner

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